Please, note: it will be no any internet connection on the island....

Logs will be posted on clublog after the end of the expedition, when I'll back to mainland....

Since Asiatic Russia is not a rare DXCC, I wish to kindly request the cooperation of the IOTA chasers to refrain from making more than one QSO with R7AL/0, regardless of mode.  Please give others a chance to logging this island.

If you logged R7AL/0 but cannot find your QSO in the log, please email your QSO data to Vasily R7AL at


qsl info:

1) Clublog OQRS.

2) PayPal at (Without using OQRS).         Please Don't forget to give your call and qso data.

3) Direct ( 2$ worldwide) to the following adress:

 Vasily Pinchuk                                              Krestianskaya 26/36                                                        Anapa  353445                                                                Russia

4) Bureau. No need to send your card, just use OQRS.