News as of 26-th of october, 2015

QSL-cards arrived from the printer. 

20-th of august, 2015

Hello, dear friends! After the long journey, finally, I am at my sweet home!!!  

Log now OK in Clublog!  If you have any questions, please, email me at RV6ALI@YA.RU.

Even a small additional donation will help to reduse the costs of this expedition and collect some funds for the future activations. 

All, who made a donation, will receive a free qsl-card!!!!!

Thanks for all, who has made this possible !!!


The only one landing point is shown on the picture. The path to NA is totally closed by the very tall rock. The previous dxpedition RI0CM was made only 5 QSOs to NA due to very bad condx.

But I was promise to Rick K6VVA  I will try to find the open path to NA -)-)-)-)-)

Time has shown - it was not so easy !!!!!!!!!!


After the arrival on the island, I decided that the only one place with the open paths to both EU, VK/ZL and NA is the narrow stone band on the western side of the island.... But what about high tide time and sea waves??... Hmmmm.... Let's go!!!  Will see -)-)-)


Everything was OK at first night on the island, including weather and the band condition, and I was made first 1000 QSOs with my local sunrise. When a QRX to setup a 2 elem. VDA antenna (TNX Vince F4BKV), which was performing very-very well, giving 3 S-point to my quarter-wave vertical. I have to say, this VDA with the open paths allowed me to work many NA and West EU.


.The high tide has come with the local noon, but not along..... Heavy wind with terrible force and waves are collapsed on my shack and antennas. VDA was fell first.... but I was continue to QRV with Vertical, after got out a VDA from the water....But this was only the beginning........

Here is some random pictures from the island




Vasily now on mailand --very tired but safe!!! Since he have not internet, the online log and OQRS will be active 3-4 days later!!! More info soon...

NEWS AS OF 10.08.2015

The weather is bad in both Khabarovsk and Ayan. After 6 hours of waiting in the airport - finally our flight was cancelled.

It's a backlist of 39 passengers can't get to  Ayan for over the weak....  Another attempt must be tomorrow, but for now it's a time to rest a  bit.........

News as of 08.08.2015

I am in Moscow, waiting for registration for Khabarovsk. Stay tuned........

News as of 30.07.2015

All goes well... air tickets are booked, all the needed equipment are packed and ready for transportation. The expedition will start at august' 6-th from Anapa. The closest QRV time is august, 10.  Let the weather will FB !!!

Now It's a "one man" expediton by Vasily R7AL.  

Greetings, dear IOTA enthusiasts !!

We are proud to announce an IOTA expedition to Malminskiye islands (AS-172), very rare island group claimed only by 8.3% of participants. These Rocks are located far away from civilization, the nearest and only one settlement is Ayan, 40 Km. away from the rocks. Since here is no any vessel available, the only one way is a small fishing motorboat.             Two trips, 80 Km. each needed to deliver all the equipment and operator to the island.    

APPROXIMATE EXPEDITION  DATES: 3 days between 11-th to 16-th of August...

Flights to Ayan are not regular and depends on weather condition (heavy fogs allmost 6 days in a week), but if the weather will unfavorable, we'll wait as long as we can.

Plans are for 500 watts station into a VDA and Vertical antennas.

Since this is an IOTA expedition, focus is on 2 bands only. We vote for 20 and 17 meters, but it's not confirmed yet and a subject for discussion. Modes will be CW and SSB only.

Any NEWS/UPDATES will be published on this site shortly.

This site is still under construction... We'll ad the "Gallery" section with some interesting photos after the end of the expedition, when come back to the mainland .

Please support this difficult and expensive project

( or you can make a donation directly to RV6ALI@YANDEX.RU - any currency)

Thank you !!!

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